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whistleblowing protection

Does Your Company Need to Provide Financial Incentives for Whistleblowers?

On April 1, 2019, White House Security Adviser Tricia Newbold revealed that there were serious violations in the administration of security permits against a number of US President Donald Trump's staff. As reported by AFP and Sky News, the refusal of granting permission to access confidential documents is related to...

financial record fraud

The Whistleblowing System in Preventing Financial Statement Fraud

The pressure of achieving business targets under the global crisis may drive employees to falsify financial statements.  An executive level employee may make a falsified financial statement to hide the company’s bad financial circumstances due to significant unachieved business targets. Or an employee may see the relaxed control during the...


Early Fraud Detection in Higher Education Institutions

Higher education institutions are often seen as hubs of advanced ethical thinking, so the idea that universities can also commit fraud is hard to believe by our community. In fact, fraud can occur within the scope of educational institutions and even research institutions. Fraud in higher education institutions According to a study...


A Whistleblowing System to Create Good Corporate Governance

The dynamic business world requires companies to be flexible and able to respond quickly to changes in the market. Especially when the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today. Given this dynamic condition, companies are required to consistently implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG). According to the Business Dictionary, Corporate Governance...


Whistleblowing: 5 Measures Companies can take to Decrease the fear of Retaliation

It is no secret that employees who blow the whistle on wrongdoings are often subjected to horrendous retaliation. This ranges from ostracism, intimidation, dismissal, to harassment and more. Despite the existence of the whistleblowing system, retaliation often causes employees to be reluctant to report important issues and this would lead to a greater loss for the company as the...