We value collaboration as we realize that our work in providing the best whistleblowing system relies on the success of our partnerships around the world. Integrity Asia is open to long-term partnerships with companies either as ‘user’ or as ‘sub-contractor’ of our Whistleblowing System.


As a user, your organization can offer its clients a fully functional whistleblowing system which channels you can manage on their behalf as the external service provider. Integrity Asia will assist in the design of the webform whereas your organization will be in charge of setting up telephony systems to be connected to the site. Your organization will charge your clients for the management of their whistleblowing system and Integrity Asia will charge your organization a competitive fee for using the platform.


As a sub-contractor specialized in a geographical area, culture and language, your organization can assist Integrity Asia clients in managing the channels, i.e. answering emails and phone calls of whistleblowers in their languages and during working areas of your time zone. Your organization will be paid for the service provided.

If your organization is interested to explore a partnership with Integrity Asia, please contact us through our contact page.

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