Canary Whistleblowing System (Canary®) and our servers use SSL certificates as cryptographic protocol to secure the communication between Canary Whistleblowing System and the client or the whistleblower. The SSL allows to the client and the whistleblower a trusted environment and guarantees:

  • No one has read the message
  • No one has changed the message
  • You are communicating with the intended WBS Server

We encrypt your data and we sign it!

Data transactions through the Canary WBS application use high-level security standards such as the use of SSL (COMODO CA Limited), Firewall and overall protection which include the monitoring of suspicious activity. This protection is to prevents malware, virus, theft & misuse as well as other outside attacks.

The SSL is used for any internet communication (Web, Email, Mobile App and Chat Online).



We guaranty the confidentiality of the whistleblower and propose to the whistleblower 3 level of anonymity:

  1. The whistleblower do not request Confidentiality and Anonymity. There’s no restriction on the release of his contact information
  2. The whistleblower’s identity remain Confidential. His identity is kept confidential and is not shared.
  3. The whistleblower wants to remain anonymous.

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