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Security and Data Retention


The Canary Whistleblowing System (Canary®) and our servers use SSL certificates as cryptographic protocol to secure the communication between the Canary Whistleblowing System and the client or the whistleblower. The SSL ensures a trusted environment for our clients and the whistleblower and guarantees:

  • No one else has read the message
  • No one else has changed the message
  • You are communicating with the intended WBS Server
We encrypt your data and we sign it!

Data transactions through the Canary WBS application use high-level security standards such as the use of SSL (COMODO CA Limited), Firewall and overall protection which includes the monitoring of any suspicious activities. This protection is used to prevent malware, virus, theft & misuse as well as other outside attacks.

The SSL is used for any form of internet communication (Web, Email, Mobile App and Chat Online).

Data retention

Canary is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy according to GDPR rules:

  1. Data is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes as mentioned in Privacy Policy
  2. Data will be deleted after a certain period based on the agreement
  3. Data may be disclosed for legal requirements as mentioned in the Privacy Policy

End-to-end Encryption

Canary Whistleblowing is an end-to-end encrypted website which means only communicating users, a client or a whistleblower and Canary Whistleblowing, can access the message. We use SSL certificates as a cryptographic protocol which enables Canary Whistleblowing and our server to protect our user’s data from unintented party eavesdropping.

When a user points to our protected website, our protected server shares the public key with the user to begin a secure session that protects the transferred message. Only the Canary Whistleblowing System, who has the private key that is installed on our origin server and never shared, can decrypt a message sent by the user. That means only Canary Whistleblowing can read the message.

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